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Dreaded knee collapse!

Just looking at the form on the left makes me cringe! Notice any similarities during your squats or sport then this post is for you.

The dreaded knee collapse is common in skiing & court based sports and can put your knee under some serious stress! Sadly this position is most common for female's, with their hip anatomy and 'Q-angle' greater to their male counterpart. Simply keeping your knees parallel to your feet may be all it takes to fix your form.

For the athletes reading this post you may want to further reinforce musculature above and below the knee joint to protect you during landing or pivoting! Introducing strength during single leg activities will begin to address the knee collapse, here's a few we reccomend:

  • Single leg hops

  • Hamstring curls

  • Lunges

If you're struggling with knee pain, don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to take you to the next step!

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